About Me

| who am I?

Hellooooooooooooooooo! So you want to know more about me huh…Well, if you made it to this website then you already know my name. However for the slower ones out there, my name is Brett, I’m a scorpio and I DON’T like long walks on the beach ;) No but really, I am a scorpio and I’d rather be playing on the water or in the water than walking along side of it. Actually, now that I think about it, if its not warm clear water I’m not getting in. Anyways, I’ve lived in a lot of places from Connecticut to Maine, down to Florida and out west in Vegas. Low and behold I am back in Connecticut but I am looking to return to Vegas. I love to fly! Flying is amazing! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of being in the air and in control of the aircraft. I have worked for US Airways Express and currently work for Signature Flight Support . I also like to design sites and play around in photoshop where I believe most of my skills are. You can see the portfolio section to see some of my work.

I suppose I’ll end this long biography now and update this a little later.


| my time to vent

Apparently, the blog portion of this site is not working. We I am working on this.


| what i can do

Eventually, this page will be full of information and a wealth of knowledge on what I can do. Like, web design, graphic design, photo alteration, photo editing, photo touch ups, etc. So at some point I will go into more details about all this but for now, this is all you get.


| my work

Want to see some of my work? Ya, I would like to see some of it here as well. Just wait a little bit longer and we’ll get it posted up soon!


| facebook me

It seems this code does not want to work correctly and display my Facebook page. I would love to spend the time right now and figure out why but The Big Bang Theory is on and well, I love this show.


| get a hold of me

I’ll have an actual form here eventually. For now here is my e-mail address




Yes, I did not use the @ because there are spam bots out there who can copy email addresses and have a huge spam orgasm in your inbox. BUT they do not understand []! For those who do not understand, just replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with an actual period.